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Cattle in Pasture

Preserving the tranquility and beauty of Alva

Alva, FL is the most rural and pristine community in

Lee County.


Changing the Way the We Think About Land Stewardship & Community Preservation

Alva has a rich history as the oldest settlement in Lee County, FL. Alva, Inc. is dedicated to preserving the tranquility and beauty of Alva area by working with residents and property owners to promote the rural character, natural resources, and agricultural lands. 

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We connect Alva residents and businesses for the purposes of collaborating with key stakeholders on land stewardship, preservation issues, development, and rural life values.

Sunset Stroll


Alva, Inc. is an organization dedicated to building a sense of community by hosting and support a variety of social and volunteer events for the Alva Community.

Horse Ranch


We are a voice for the community working with various stakeholders including Lee County.  Our monthly community meetings provide a forum for your voice to be heard so that we may provide input from the Alva Community to our elected leaders and other stakeholders at the local and state level.


Alva, Inc's dedication to preserving the tranquility and beauty of Alva is our main mission. We support the Lee County Community Plan (Goal 27) to maintain, enhance, and support the heritage and rural character, natural resources, and agricultural lands of Northeast Lee County.

Image by Gabriel Tomaz
Sunset and Palm Trees


A different approach to working with Residents, Government, and Commercial stakeholders.

 Alva, Inc. works to further our mission to preserve the tranquility and beauty of the Alva area through regular participation at Lee County Commissioner Meetings, Public Hearings, hosting speakers, and promoting community through a variety of social events.

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