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Cattle in Pasture

Dedicated to preserving the tranquility and beauty of Alva


ALVA Inc is a local civic organization whose mission is to preserve and protect the unique historical, rural, agricultural and equestrian ambiance of Alva, Florida

Alva has a rich history as the oldest settlement in Lee County, FL. Alva, Inc. is dedicated to preserving the tranquility and beauty of Alva area by working with residents and property owners to promote the rural character, natural resources, and agricultural lands. 

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We provide a forum for community planning in consonance with the mission statement.  We seek to protect the rural and historical ambiance of the community and strive to work towards solutions consistent with community goals.

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Photo by Mike Challenger


Alva, Inc. is an organization dedicated to building a sense of community by hosting and support a variety of social and volunteer events for the Alva Community.  We build relationships between the established community and welcome the new residents.

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Photo by Mike Challenger


Alva, or the Historic Core, is a small rural community ten miles east of Fort Myers at the Alva bridge and school, where Broadway Avenue connects CR78 and SR80. 


The modern history of Alva began with the vision of a Danish sea captain by the name of Peter Nelson.


Alva Inc volunteers work to further our mission for the Alva area by notifying the community of changes in their neighborhoods, regular participation at  the Lee County Commissioners Meetings, Public Hearing, hosting speakers, and promoting the community through a variety of social events.

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A different approach to working with Residents, Government, and Commercial stakeholders.

 Alva, Inc. works to further our mission to preserve the tranquility and beauty of the Alva area through regular participation at Lee County Commissioner Meetings, Public Hearings, hosting speakers, and promoting community through a variety of social events.

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